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About AWS

AWS Mission Statement

Founded in 1960, AWS is dedicated to assisting people with disabilities in improving their lives in the direction of their choosing. The corporation was founded on the beliefs that life is enhanced by the opportunity to become a productive citizen and that all people should be given the opportunity to become included in the fabric of society.

Working as partners with people and their families, the corporation will concentrate its resources in these areas:

  • Identifying and creating vocational opportunities that lead to the greatest earnings and job satisfaction.
  • Developing living arrangements that emphasize independence and quality of life.
  • Creating programs that result in increasing numbers of people-to-people relationships that are of value to people with disabilities and able-bodied peers.
  • Continuously searching for new opportunities to effectively deploy resources in pursuit of the corporation's human services value base.

“Hiring AWS clients affords me the opportunity to give back and at the same time, I gain hardworking employees that really value their jobs.”

Ted Walda, CEO Focus Cleaning
Fort Wayne, IN


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